The celebration of Shabbat is a rich, joyous event at Temple Judea Mizpah. We weave traditional and modern music through Reform liturgy, with a sermon, teaching, or story. Our Friday night Shabbat worship begins at 7:30 pm and is followed by a festive Oneg Shabbat, where we have time to nosh and schmooze with one another. Our Shabbat Morning Study minyan meets at 9:00 am.  Bar/Bat Mitzvah services are held on Saturday at 10:30 am.  Read below for more information.

For most Shabbat services, evening and morning, we worship from Mishkan T’filah, the prayer book of Reform Judaism in North America. We also pray from Mishkan T’fillah for Youth when our services involve many families with younger children.

We invite you to pray with us; click below to learn more about our various Shabbat experiences:

Family Shabbat – monthly Friday night services at 7:30 pm including a story followed by ice cream sundae Oneg Shabbat.

Ru’ach Shabbat – (Spirited Shabbat) monthly Friday night services at 7:30 pm with guitar and more contemporary melodies.

Prayer Study Shabbat – monthly Friday night services at 7:30 pm.  In lieu of a formal sermon, teaching about the meaning of the prayers are woven throughout the worship experience.

Shabbat Morning Study Minyan – weekly Saturday morning services at 9:00 am, followed by text study.


Highlights of each Friday of the month:

First Friday of the month – we invite congregants who have a birthday that month to the bimah for a special birthday blessing.

Second Friday of the month – Family Shabbat service where children participate in the service, and the rabbi tells a story.

Third Friday of the month – Prayer Study Shabbat service where we also invite couples celebrating their anniversaries that month to come to the bimah for a special blessing

Fourth Friday of the month – Ru’ach Shabbat with music led by Electric Shabbat, adding extra spirit to the music and worship.

Fifth Friday of the month – on months were a fifth Friday occurs, we hold special services and programs. Please check our calendar for dates and times and further information.